Each demo reel project is unique, and therefore has its own set of challenges and goals. In order to give you an accurate quote, I’ll give you a short questionnaire to get more details about the services you’re interested in. Here is a rundown of our demo reel pricing:

Demo Reel

$240~3 hours

  • up to 3 minutes
  • Analysis of your footage
  • Basic color correction
  • Includes 2 file sizes

Update your reel

$80~1 hour

  • Add new footage
  • Omit old footoage
  • Titles clean up
  • Includes 1 file size

Quick Clip

$40Flat rate per clip

  • Optimized for the web
  • Fast turn around
  • Specific to your audience
  • Includes 1 ¬†file size

Prices reflect the work with all footage being provided to Edit Monster prior to the project beginning.
A demo reel may cost between $200 and $450 depending on your footage sources.
Custom footage and special requests will cost more but can be accommodated.
Additional videos sizes available – 2 for $20!

A straightforward stand-alone demo clip can be produced within 24 hours of contact.

A straightforward demo reel can be produced within a matter of days, provided both parties are committed to communicating their needs upon contact, and all assets are supplied by the client in a timely manner. Complex projects and unusable footage will require more time.